When your day is already packed and it feels like there’s just not enough time to fit everything in, then you need to try different ways to claw back the precious minutes. It’s necessary to approach it with an open mind when trying new ideas. To get the mental juices flowing, here are 4 tips to get time back in a packed day. 

  1. Streamline the Day

Established routines can be helpful, but they can also hinder you. Then you get stuck in a rut and find it harder to change your ways. It becomes necessary in this situation to streamline your day. This is done by looking through what you normally do to see if there’s a better, faster approach than the one you’ve been taking. Also, you’ll want to cut out redundant or unnecessary actions that feel comforting when repeated but aren’t doing anything other than eating time. 

  1. Beat the Traffic Jams

When you want to avoid getting stuck in a jam on your way to a physical meeting, then being on two wheels instead of four can be beneficial. Riding on a classic Vespa for that European feel or a Piaggio will certainly make you feel cosmopolitan. But more than that, a scooter or a motorbike from a site like bmgscooters.com can combine style with speed to ensure you can whip around motionless cars too. 

  1. Set Limits for Each Appointment or Task to Be Completed

When you have an open-ended task, then it tends to follow Parkinson’s Law where it expands to fill the available time. This odd phenomenon results in basic tasks taking longer due to failing to manage them correctly.

Avoid leaving tasks or appointments as open-ended ones. Instead, decide how much time they require. Then use a calendar to block out the time during the day and avoid it overlapping with other time blocks. Alternatively, for smaller tasks, consider appending the time to the item in your task list and set a timer too. 

Later, check how long each regular task took to complete. Often, the time will be shorter than expected. However, if you’re chronically underestimating, then work to increase the accuracy of your allocated time blocks to better control your day. 

  1. Prevent Almost All Distractions or Interruptions

Depending on what you aim to get done on your work or personal days, know that interruptions and distractions are the death of productivity. 

To do your best work and move through tasks with ease, it’s necessary to stay fully immersed in them. Closing your office door, putting your messenger apps on “Do Not Disturb” mode, and taking other measures to not get interrupted is key. 

If necessary, let people who regularly need your assistance know that you’ll be unavailable and set a time to catch up with them later. If mentoring them or just troubleshooting problems, get them used to noting down their issues and addressing them at a more convenient time. 

Also, don’t ignore the idea of batching tasks because it can reduce the stop/start nature of them. Some tasks are repetitive without getting faster to complete, so blasting through a bunch of them in record time is better than the alternative.