Sick of spending hours in a traffic jam, even before you have got to work? Fed up of fighting for a seat on a train after you have had a long and busy day? Well, you’re not alone! In fact, the commute is one of the most cited negatives related to work there is. Luckily, there are some tactics you can use to make your daily commute more comfortable. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Have some me-time

One way that you can make your commute more bearable is to look at it as me time. What this means is that you do something while you are travelling  that you wouldn’t get time to do in any other part of your day.

Headphones are a great way of improving your commute time.

If you are driving this may mean you listen to your favourite radio station or even an audiobook like the ones recommended at on your journey. Alternatively, if your ride the train to work each day, investing in some earphones to do the same, or that can be connected to your smartphone means you can catch up with your favourite shows, or even play a game on your commute if you like.

Maximize safety

Next, remember that safety is always a big issue on your commute especially if you drive to work each day. Of course, you can boost this by using all of your vehicle’s safety devices such as ABS, and airbags, as well as driver assist.

Sadly though sometimes, even when you are driving in the safest way, other people’s mistake on the road can cause you to have an accident. Although, if you do find yourself in such a situation, finding a lawyer like the ones at can help you. This is because they will be able to put together a case against the person whose fault it was. Something that will allow you to get the medical treatment you need after an accident and get you back to work, and your regular commute as soon as possible.  

Get rid of it altogether

Of course, the ultimate way to increase your commute is to get rid of it altogether. No more sitting in traffic jams for hours, or struggling to find a seat on a hot and sweaty train.

To do this, you will need to find a post that allows you to work from home. Alternatively, you could become a digital nomad, something you can learn about doing at, and work from any place that you choose in the world. Yes, there will be some travelling  involved in this, but it certainly won’t be as tough as the dreaded daily commute, especially if you know there is a sandy beach and a cocktail at the end of your journey.

Stay updated

Lastly, when it comes to improving your commute, doing something as simple as staying up to date with the traffic flow, or train running time can really help. To do this, you may choose to use an app, or even listen to a station that provides regular updates. Then, you can be sure of minimising any frustration from delays and hold up that your daily commute can cause.