Being a business leader does command a certain amount of esteem in itself, but if you want your colleagues and workers to really hold you in high regard, you have to earn their respect. Here, we look at four steps you can take to achieve this.

  1. Set an example

Experienced entrepreneur Chris Niarchos knows exactly what it takes to gain respect. In a blog post, the Cobra Group founder and chairman said that one of the best ways to do this is to lead by example. He highlighted the importance of being committed and diligent. According to Chris, people are much more likely to hold you in high regard if they see that you practice what you preach. He summarised this approach as ‘show don’t tell’.

The fact is, if people notice that there’s a difference between your attitude to work and the attitude you expect them to have, they’ll be less likely to put their faith and trust in you as a leader.

  1. Have confidence in your abilities.

There are bound to be times when you doubt yourself as an entrepreneur. You might think you lack experience in particular areas or perhaps you regret certain decisions you’ve made. However, you should never lose faith in your abilities. After all, you can’t expect others to trust you if you don’t trust yourself.

Even when you experience difficulties, it’s important to remain positive and upbeat. By showing belief and conviction, you stand a better chance of instilling confidence in your team.  

  1. Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions

Having the courage of your convictions and being willing to make bold decisions on behalf of your business will also help you to earn respect from the people around you. Sometimes, it may be necessary to step out of your comfort zone and change the way your company operates. By showing that you have the insight and poise to do this, you can demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job.

  1. Respect your team

Respect works both ways. If you want to be well thought of by others, you have to demonstrate that you value them and appreciate their efforts and talent. This means it’s crucial to acknowledge your colleagues’ and employees’ successes and, where appropriate, reward them. You should also make a conscious effort to treat people with courtesy. This will help to build team morale and cultivate a positive and respectful working environment.

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