Whether you’re looking to improve a small work-from-home business or completely overhauling an office space for 100, it can very quickly become an exhausting and expensive task. From choosing appropriate furniture to finding stylish décor, you may be faced with an overwhelming amount of choice. Below is a list of useful and cost effective tips to help you overcome the overhaul slump.

Are you sure you can handle this?

A fact known to handy dads and brides everywhere: DIY isn’t always cost-effective. Before you even begin your DIY office refresh, take a step back and think about how much you can manage without help. If you’re only replacing a few plants, you should have no problem handling the project by yourself. However, if it’s a complete refresh or overhaul, you might be better off using a professional company like Total Fitouts. Utilising professionals can not only save you time and money, your office space will most likely end up a lot more comfortable and stylish.

Start with a spring clean

One of the single greatest costing mistakes people make when refreshing an office is assuming that every surface needs to be redone. But in reality, a thorough spring clean might be all that’s needed. If you have lots of documents floating around, find a way to file them away (digitally, if possible, to remove clutter). Also get rid of any unnecessary decorations that look tattered or torn. It may simply be a matter of investing in some more office storage options to reduce desk clutter.

Downsize on furniture

Providing more opportunities to stand and move in an office space is not only better for your health; removing excess furniture could have cost-effective implications too. Sell any furniture you don’t need, and if possible, introduce a standing space for work that can be done without a desk. You will be amazed at how much removing just one or two desks can improve the spaciousness of your office. If you can’t reduce the furniture, try moving it towards the walls to increase space in the centre of the room.

Choose a statement piece

Displaying a statement piece of artwork can improve the overall look of your office space without breaking the bank. If you can find a cheap seller, consider replacing the prints every few months to keep the office feeling fresh. By the way, this point doesn’t count if you opt for any sort of generic work-related inspirational quote; try to avoid these if you want to really personalise your office.

There are countless other choices to make when redoing your office space, but these suggestions will help you get started. Have you ever refreshed an office on a budget? Share your best tips in the comment section below.

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