Despite our gym membership cards and continuous app reminders, so many of us fail to work up the motivation to get into the gym. Maybe it is because it’s more comfortable to stay at home? Maybe we are just way too busy to make time for exercise? Or, maybe it is because our workout routines no longer give us that thrilling rush to train hard? Let’s be honest, routine repetition of the same old programs recycled off the internet can become a tedious and stale task. But, the workout hope is not all lost. There are many weird and wonderful ways to work up a sweat that steer clear of the cardio machines and free weights. We have compiled a list of some surprisingly excellent workouts that will invigorate your inspiration to take control of your exercise routine. While not typically “gym workouts”, these activities are exceptionally beneficial to your overall health and satisfyingly entertaining.

No matter which activity takes your fancy, optimal results are best achieved when supported by balanced diets and quality supplements. Eating your greens, chowing your fibers, and adding essential nutrients to your meal plan can do wonders for your workout results. If you are struggling to determine how best to supplement your diet, then check out Customer Review. This handy resource provides detailed reviews of top supplements on the market to help you achieve your exercise goals without breaking the bank.

Adopt any of the following 3 weird ways to workout and you will never look at exercise the same:

1. Aerial Yoga

Pack away your yoga mats because this style of yoga will have you hanging upside down from scarf-like hammocks. No need to worry about your weight. Individuals big and small can enjoy this exciting activity as these high-density nylon hammocks can support up to 2,000 pounds. At first glance, it may seem like a death-defying act but this form of yoga is not exceptionally difficult. With the right instructor and proper equipment, you will get the hang of it in no time. Furthermore, you are only suspended about three feet into the air and the likelihood of serious injury is very low. What’s great about this activity is that it is argued to provide more effective health benefits than its floor-form counterpart.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Improved flexibility: This form of yoga is much freer than regular yoga, allowing you to delve into deeper poses for a surreal stretch.
  • Increased focus: The poses are more challenging than usual and, therefore, require more attention. They are far from impossible for a beginner yogi but will help you get more in tune with your surroundings.
  • Toned muscles: The core muscles are primarily used to stabilize the body and pull off poses. Furthermore, your muscles work harder to account for the effects of gravity on your body. This, in turn, helps strengthen and tone muscles.

2. Pound

This exercise was made with the musically inclined in mind. Pound combines intense stretching and drumming to create a rhythmically sensational workout that is as fun as it is exhausting. Individuals use brightly colored drumsticks to create exhilarating beats while working out their entire bodies. The exercise gives individuals a great opportunity to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts and musos alike.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Strengthened core: Pound is an incredibly exhausting activity that primarily targets the core muscles. The constant twisting and moving in uncommon positions strengthens a variety of muscles in this area, helping you achieve a toned body quicker.
  • Fat burning: The activity is extremely demanding and burns up to 500 calories during a 45-minute session. The fat burning potential is undeniable and the harder you train, the faster you will shed pounds.
  • Improved mood: Pound is as exhilarating as it is tiring. You will drum along to the rhythm with a group of excitable characters and are bound to meet a few new people. This activity is uplifting and will leave you feeling positive.


Why not double-down on your workout routine and learn some self-defense at the same time? Forza is a form of samurai sword training, with a rubber sword rather than sharp blades, inspired by Kendo and Aikijujutsu. Forza requires individuals to complete a series of sword strike movements repeatedly without breaks for up to an hour. This has exceptional health benefits. While it’s unlikely you will ever use these techniques in a real sword fight, any knowledge of self-defense is better than nothing.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Improved coordination: While the movements may seem basic at first, they require a lot of concentration and focus. The continuous repetition will aid in improving your coordination.
  • Weight loss: The fact that you cannot take breaks is responsible for the increased weight loss potential of this activity. Poses must be held like they are in Yoga, and movements must be precise. The high-intensity does wonders for burning calories.
  • Discipline: The practice requires discipline. Individuals will need to overcome their own exercise barriers in order to successfully complete a session. This is difficult but rewarding.

Spice up your exercise life with any of these weird ways to work up a sweat. From sword swinging to hammock hanging, these activities will leave your body feeling vitalized and your mind enthusiastic about your next exercise.

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