The medical business in general is booming these days, and the elderly population are more in need of daily care than ever before in the UK. This is brought on by the fact that the percentage of people over 65 has grown exponentially in recent years. These stats also point to a growing opportunity for both serving the elderly population and for launching a new nursing home.

Just like any other business, though, the nursing home business does not come without its own share of teething issues. As suggested by experts, the following are five important aspects which need proper consideration prior to launching a nursing home.

Property and Building Selection

There are several rules and regulations which a nursing home must meet and maintain. Out of those, some are directly related to the property itself. Before purchasing or renting a place, make sure that any of the government regulations are not in conflict with the following:

  • Your choice of location
  • The building’s structure, condition and architecture
  • The surrounding environmental conditions

Keep in mind that if you are renting a property, you will not be able to make too many alterations to the existing building. Therefore, check the building thoroughly and confirm its competence as a potential nursing home with help from experienced nursing home workers and professional inspectors.

Nursing Home Equipment Requirements

According to the (CQC) and under the British government’s official standards, every nursing home must be fitted with all the essential equipment as deemed necessary for its residents. Therefore, the exact criteria regarding what qualifies as essential equipment can differ quite a bit, depending on the type of care that the nursing home is supposed to provide.

However, basic care home equipment such as specialised nursing home beds, specially fitted toilets, pressure releasing mattresses, wheelchairs, riser recliners, patient hoisting systems, etc., are the bare minimum that every care home must buy first. Business owners must consider the cost of having all equipment ready from day one, because the law states that they must be in their respective places and ready for use from the very first day that the nursing home opens its doors.

CQC Requirements

The CQC has a long list of regulations that every nursing home must abide by. Periodically, they will check to see if everything is still in order. To pass their checks of overall safety, staff and management’s effectiveness, leadership quality, care standards and speed of response, make sure that the detailed set of regulations are indeed met.

No medical qualifications are required in order to be the CEO, the major shareholder or even the sole proprietor of a care home. However, experience and education in the field are highly recommended if you want your nursing home to be successful. That being said, any individual in charge of a care home for the elderly is at least expected to have a good record of character as a citizen, while registering their establishment with the government.

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