What woman doesn’t want to look and feel her best every day? Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a bit of self-pampering. Treating yourself to a luxury treatment is a tried and tested means of improving your overall mood and wellbeing, and it doesn’t have to break the bank! It doesn’t have to, but the following luxury treatments aren’t for those with slim wallets.

The Clearing Factor

Provided by the Mandarin Oriental Spa in New York City, this treatment takes just under 3 hours to administer, but the results are spectacular. The aim of this treatment is to help restore balance to your complexion by blending together techniques from eastern and western schools of thought. The first stage is a full-body exfoliation, which is performed with sea salt, and Indian Kama oil.

After this, toxins are removed from the back by the use of a Chinese technique called ‘cupping’. After all of this, a full-body wrap is applied with neem black clay. Those who have undergone this treatment describe it as being utterly unique. The final stage is the application of lotion, something which feels even better when your senses have been heightened.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the most important feature on your face. Smiling isn’t just how we show the world that we are happy, it is a shorthand way of communicating with other people. This one gesture is amazingly powerful and can be used to completely change the mood and atmosphere of our surroundings. We smile so often that most of us give little thought to how important a good smile is to our overall beauty.

Cosmetic dentistry comes in a wide range of forms, but there are techniques to alter the appearance of your teeth in just about any way you could possibly want. In some cases, when you suffer a serious injury that causes you to lose a tooth or teeth, cosmetic dentistry can mitigate the impact this has upon your looks. It is always worth having dental insurance as you never know when a serious accident might occur. Read The Review for Fep Blu Dental Insurance to see if they could be the right insurance provider for you.


Botox has something of an undeservedly bad reputation. This is because, in the past, more unscrupulous fashion gurus have often advised people to perform their own Botox, sometimes using questionable ingredients. However, as long as you take your business to a reputable professional, Botox can provide some truly astounding results. At its best, a couple of Botox injections can make a huge amount of difference to a woman’s self confidence. Just make sure you thoroughly research what you are getting into.

If you want to look and feel like a luxury woman, treating yourself to the latest skincare and beauty treatments is essential. With a seemingly infinite range of different treatments and spas out there, those who are willing to look will be able to find the perfect combination of treatments for their bodies. The 3 treatments above are only a small selection of what you may find.

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