It seems like only yesterday that such quotian technological endeavors as video conferencing and watching movies on the go were the stuff of science fiction. Anyone who ever had to go jogging with a CD Walkman (not recommended) will recognize the extent to which digital technology has changed not just consumer technology, but the way in which we do business. It’s also brought with it an enormous range of opportunities for smart, capable and under appreciated people to quit their day jobs and bootstrap their own businesses using digital means. Yet, in the incredibly fast paced and competitive climate of contemporary business, all entrepreneurs know that they’re only ever a few steps away from obsolescence. As technology moves forward with incredible velocity, the savvy entrepreneur recognizes the importance of taking steps to future proof his or her business. Of course, this is easier said than done. In case there’s any doubt, here are the most important ways in which you should be keeping your business future proof.


Technology is fluid and in a constant state of evolution, and so too should be your business’ approach to it. When it comes to the generic and the industry specific elements of your business’ technology, you need to keep a close eye on technological trends and how they could help you improve your output, productivity, efficiency and customer service. Whether it’s outsourcing to a Managed IT Services provider to keep you ahead of the curve, keeping an eye out for software that will be more conducive to productivity or using chatbots to lessen the strain on your front line customer service staff there are many ways in which your business can benefit from staying up to date with technological trends. Appearing to be two steps behind the curve can be severely detrimental to your…


Think of all the iconic brands you encounter on a daily basis. They’ve likely gone through numerous phases of tweaking and reinvention and they’ll probably continue to go through many more. Sure, the superficial things like their logos and slogans have changed over the years, but so too have their brand identities changed to match the changing needs and attitudes of their market. Take McDonald’s for example. The release of Super Size Me in 2004 could have been a deadly blow to the fast food giant. Instead it tweaked its menu and its branding to push healthier alternatives front and center. It all just goes to show how important it is that you…

Know your market

Even if you have a rabidly loyal customer base, consumer trends can shift so quickly and dramatically that you need to keep a close eye on your market and engage with them regularly to ensure that they stay loyal. This can mean using a digital marketing service to draw more attention to your online presence, or simply ensuring that you constantly keep up your market research. Unless you adapt to technological changes and consumer trends within your market your business could well wind up as another Blockbuster video.