When it comes to finding an easy way to kill some time, there’s never been a better invention than a smartphone. From playing simple online games to swapping faces with our friends, it seems that mobile technology was perfectly designed for whiling away the hours.

So if you’ve got a few spare minutes, then why not check out some of 2016’s most entertaining apps for your smartphone.

Revolutionary media apps

Music has been transformed through streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer offering us the chance to listen to the entire history of music for next to nothing. But if you fancy getting a little more interactive, then the VidRhythm app gives you the chance to sample your voice or even your cat and mash it up into a crazy video remix!

And most of us have happily wasted days watching television series via the likes of Netflix, but if you fancy being the star of your own movie, then check out Hyperlapse. Created by Instagram, this user-friendly time-lapse app is capable of making even the most mundane activities a lot more fun – plus its image-stabilisation feature can calm even the shakiest hand!

Great gaming distractions

Mobile gaming is now a massive part of our entertainment lives. Simple puzzle games such as Color Switch and Candy Crush have revealed an unlimited potential to captivate us with their innovative gaming charms. Whereas now it’s easier than ever to play massive titles such as Half Life thanks to their impressive adaptations for mobile use.

Original mobile entertainment

However, sometimes it the brand new innovations that reveal just how amazing smartphone technology has become. Faceswap relies on a very simple premise, but by allowing users to swap faces in real-time, it’s just another example of how we can keep ourselves amused for hours.

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