When it comes to the wonderful world of the internet there is always a way to enjoy yourself. Whether you’re messaging your best friend or streaming a movie online, tech-related hobbies are catapulting in popularity. The digital world is a form of escapism for many people; it is a chance to forget who you are for a short while and just embrace another world. From posting a filtered photo on social media to immersing yourself into a virtual reality video game, people are using the internet to forget about real life for as long as they can. Have we become a nation who is obsessed with being online? Some might agree, but is that a bad thing? The internet is one of the most groundbreaking inventions that have happened to us in the recent years and there are so many advantages it brings to our lives. If you’re looking to do some research, find a new job or even connect with an old friend then internet has allowed us to do all of these things. To take a look at the following fifteen wonder ways to have fun online and you will soon see how much the internet is offering us, without most of us even realizing.

  1. Watch a Movie

Relaxing at home with your other half or roommate is made so much better with the invention of Netflix and other movie streaming services. If this is something you do regularly then you might want to get the correct bandwidth for streaming. With high speed internet your experience will be so much more enjoyable when you are enjoying the latest blockbuster; you won’t get caught up watching that annoying buffering symbol during a cliff-hanger anymore!

  1. Play a Game

You can log into your mobile phone or games console and enjoy a game of your choice using the internet. Whether you’re battling against your work colleagues at Words with Friends or you’re playing gamers around the world at Fortnite or Dota 2. Playing a game online makes the experience so much more interactive, so if you haven’t given it a try yet, it should definitely be next on your list of fun online activities.

  1. Browse YouTube

When you log into YouTube you can literally discover videos about anything and everything you could want to know. Whether you’re looking for a cookery demonstration or you can’t figure out how to tune in your new television, there will be a YouTube video that explains everything you are looking for. Some people even create YouTube videos of themselves playing games, so you can discover the quality of a new release without even having to buy it for yourself.

  1. Do a Workout

Nowadays the internet means you don’t even have to leave the house in order to exercise; forget your gym membership, you can follow an online tutorial from the comfort of your own home. Whether you subscribe to a monthly workout subscription or you discover free content on YouTube or Instagram, you can get physically fit, tone up and enjoy yoga classes from the array of workout videos on the web.

  1. Surf Social Media

Everyone is guilty of spending mindless hours scrolling down the various social media platforms, only to learn absolutely nothing in the end of it. Keeping an eye on your favourite celebrities, your best friend and even your ex-partner is all possible due to the wonders of social media. From scrolling through your limitless Twitter timeline to searching for trending hashtags on Instagram, there are endless possibilities when it comes to social media.

  1. Reconnect with an Old Friend

Another amazing feature of social media is that you can get in touch with people you haven’t seen in a very long time. Perhaps you want to reconnect with an old friend from school or college; this can all be done using the power of social media. You can drop them a note on Facebook messenger or send a direct message on Instagram; you could even create an event on social media so that everybody can get together finally.

  1. Improve Your Professional Profile

It is always a good idea to create a separate personal and professional profile so that you create a good impression for your prospective employers. Using LinkedIn is very popular for people searching for a job as it allows you to get noticed straight away when appropriate job openings come up. The online world can be harmful for your reputation, so make sure you keep anything embarrassing private and under wraps if you can.

  1. Search for a New Job

Nowadays almost everybody uses the internet to search for their dream job. Gone are the days of browsing through newspapers to find the latest job advertisements. Almost every large company promotes their vacancies through a website or via social media. There are even dedicated social media accounts that will alert you when a relevant job comes onto the market. If you are seeking out a new job, then the internet will definitely prove to be an invaluable tool for you.

  1. Write a Blog

The popularity of blogging has catapulted to new heights over the years; it seems every other person you come across online is now a professional blogger. If you have always had a flair for writing or a particular topic you are passionate about, then why not start one for yourself? Choose from an array of free platforms such as Wix, WordPress and Squarespace and let your imagination lead you. It’s a low risk and enjoyable hobby to pursue from the comfort of your own home. You might even start to make some money out of it!

  1. Sell Your Stuff

When your home starts to get cluttered or your closet begins to burst, there is no better solution than to sell your old belongings online. You can snap a quick picture of the product, write a brief description and someone could be buying it within five minutes. Facebook marketplace allows you to discover and sell products in your area or eBay can be used as a worldwide platform. Selling your unwanted stuff on the web is an incredibly popular online activity that most internet users have engaged with at some point in their lives.

  1. Search for Support

If you’re going through a rough time or you’re hoping to reach out to people in a similar situation as you, the internet is a wonderful realm to explore. There are so many online forums and support groups that exist both on the internet and within social media platforms. You can link up with people who might be able to share their stories and give you advice from their previous experiences. So many people have found happiness from internet based care and support.

  1. Go Shopping

Nowadays you don’t even have to leave your bed to buy the latest fashion accessory, homeware item or technological gadget. You can go shopping at the click of a button from your phone, tablet or laptop. Shopping online is becoming so popular that many high street stores are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming competition. Some people believe that online shopping might be the only form of retail therapy in the future!

  1. Take a Course

Online courses are becoming more and more popular nowadays; going to college is extremely expensive so learning is a cost effective way to earn a qualification and save your bank account. Most employees accept a whole range of online degrees, so have a browse around and see if anything would be of interest to you. Even if you just want to take a course for fun, there are a whole range of recreational choices out there too, such as photography and nutrition.

  1. Order a Takeaway

At the click of a button you could have hot, delicious food delivered to your front door. Whether it’s a Friday night and you can’t be bothered to cook or you don’t have the energy to head to the grocery store, you can order from a local fast food restaurant and have a scrumptious meal in front of you in no time.

  1. Make Memories

When you have had a particularly fun day out with your nearest and dearest, an amazing way to document this and make memories is by ordering a photobook or canvas online. Upload an image directly from your phone onto the website and you will have physical memory of your time together in just a few working days!

The internet is quickly becoming the foundation to most of our everyday lives. Believe it or not the average person is logging onto the internet for around four to eight hours of their day. Whether they’re simply browsing on social media, shopping or ordering from a fast food restaurant, everyone is using the internet. It is important never to take the wonderful web for advantage, even though most of you are probably guilty of doing so. Enjoy the new dimension it brings to our lives and embrace everything it has to offer.

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