Did you know that your logo is usually the first thing people notice on your business cards, signage and website? If your logo looks sloppy and amateurish, then so does your business. A bad logo can send the wrong message about your business and drive your customers away. Whether you want a logo for a new company you’re starting, or you’re thinking of revamping an existing logo, you need the help of professional logo designers to avoid these ten common logo mistakes.

1. Hiring the wrong professional for the job

These days, printers offer cheap deals for logo design and business card printing. But printers are NOT designers. A good logo doesn’t just look good – it communicates. Graphic designers are the experts you need: they aren’t just artists, they are expert communicators. An expert design agency like 4040 Creative can design a logo that instantly tells your prospective customer the unique qualities and mission of your business.

2. Following trends

Trends come and go; you do not want your logo to date like corduroy or bubble skirts. Avoid Google colours or logos that mimic other popular brands.

3. Choosing a bad font

Every font has its own personality: some are sweet and approachable, while some are formal and corporate. Make sure you chose the font that suits your business and its target market, not just the one that appeals to your personal style.

4. Using too many fonts

Too many fonts in the one design look messy and amateurish. Stick to a thin, elegant font for corporate logos and save thicker more playful fonts for youthful businesses.

5. Using the wrong kind of graphic

Your logo must be flexible: make sure your logo looks equally good on a billboard or as a tiny decoration on the corner of your envelopes. A vector graphic is a must. Raster graphics (which are made in Photoshop) look pixelated when you zoom in very close or print them in large sizes, whereas a vector graphic can be scaled up to massive sizes without ever looking pixelated.

6. Being generic

Be careful your logo doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Not only can copying other logos land you in legal trouble, a generic logo will never represent your company as well as a logo designed just for you.

7. Choosing the wrong design agency

If you can spot the look and feel of a design house’s work from a mile off, they’ve forgotten that every logo should be designed with their customer in mind, not themselves.

8. Being fussy and overcomplicated

Too many details means that your logo will look terrible printed at a small size. Simplicity is one of the best ways to make your logo’s message clear.

9. Using stock images

Your logo should be unique. Don’t be tempted to use Clipart to design your own logo. Grabbing an abstract Clipart symbol will do nothing to communicate your business’ unique qualities, and it’s likely other people may be using that same image for their company.

10. Poor colour choices

Just because a colour is vibrant and catches your customers’ eyes doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use it: colours can be off-putting. Most vibrant colours, while relevant to playful brands like toy stores or kids clothing lines, appear unprofessional and jarring when used for most businesses.

Remember that your logo must communicate your company’s unique qualities and professionalism. Avoid these ten logo design pitfalls to ensure your business has a quality logo that is memorable and stylish.

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